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Instagram vocabulary you can't miss!

Hey! If you're just starting to manage your Instagram account, don't be scared by the terms used there!

Ok, you're at the point where you decided to take care of your Instagram account and you noticed that there are terms that you didn't see before or that you saw them but you don't have the slightest idea what they mean... Don't panic, some are just English words, which with everyday use you will be able to remember and handle as a "pro".

“Surely it has happened to you at some point that you did not understand a certain publication or trending topic"

Now you will solve all your doubts. Let's start with this list of Instagram terms:


"Organically increase your followers"

These are the users who follow your profile and activity consistently. Also known as FOLLOWERS.


“Not all influencers fit our brand or our digital strategy.”

They are users who have great credibility within the social network. Also known as #instagramers. In this case, Instagrammers are characterized by getting a great interaction in their publications.

Direct Message (DM):

“Making good use of direct messages – also called DMs – is essential in the Instagram marketing strategy of any business."

It's a direct message that you send to Instagram users. These Instagram direct messages or DMs have become an important source of communication with our contacts, but also with other people.


#FreeBritney It's the trending in the last days”

It's when a post appears among the top results with a specific hashtag. This provides high levels of visibility, as the post appears, even for non-followers.


“Use the right hashtags to achieve greater audience reach”

Hashtags means, like tags, tag in English. They are the essence of Instagram. Hashtags are like keywords that people use to mark the topic of the content they are sharing on social media so that other users can easily find them in their search.


“To get more likes, you should post regularly.”

Also called Likes, it is an interaction system to show your interest or liking for a post. Its well-known icon is the thumbs-up hand.


“Follow me! Link in my bio.”

The Instagram bio is where you can provide a little information about yourself or your business, up to a maximum of 150 characters.


“You should use a link on your Instagram profile, for example, to redirect users to your online store

It's the link you use to direct your followers to a specific website. It is also a powerful tool of digital marketing strategy.


“If you want your reels to get more views, you should share them on your main feed as well.

Reels is a very powerful Instagram tool that allows you to create videos with a maximum duration of 60 seconds and in vertical format. The duration of the Reel can be as long as 15, 30 or 60 seconds. Instagram's algorithm, in 2022, is prioritizing users who use Reels permanently. So you should include them in your content plan, NO MATTER WHAT!


“The duration of the stories is a maximum of 60 seconds”

These are publications with a duration of 24 hours. These are usually videos that we record and upload directly to Instagram.


“IG TV is a standalone app that you can download for Android and IOS”

Instagram TV is a type of post that allows you to share videos longer than reels, lasting up to 1 hour. These are videos recorded vertically. In recent years it has lost its strength in its use.


“Live allows you to grow quickly organically”

Instagram Livestreams are video streams broadcast in real time. They have become a necessary and powerful tool for business. It allows you to approach users directly as they can participate with their questions, comments, and reactions about your product or service.


“Certain users are tagged to see the photo we are interested in

It is the action of mentioning a user on social media to include them in a post. It comes from the word Tag in English, which means label. That's why the word LABEL is also used for the same action.


“To make your feed look professional and attractive, you need to use your brand colors

It's the view where you can see all the posts you've uploaded in a timed order.


“Use well-crafted captions, take your time, they should reflect your personality, they should cause some emotion or feeling in your followers

The Caption or Copy is a description that accompanies the image or video. It can be a sentence or several paragraphs that help you understand the photo, tell a story related to the image, inspire followers, or open a dialogue.


“Hay varios tipos de post: fotos, videos como reels y stories

There are several types of posts: photos, videos such as reels and stories


“If your followers share content with your filters, you will reach their followers, increasing the reach of your actions.

These are effects that are added to your images or videos, changing their appearance. It's an important branding tool.


“The algorithm is in charge of prioritizing what content the user is going to see according to their preferences.

It is the set of rules that is responsible for organizing and filtering the content that users upload to the Instagram platform and showing those that are most relevant.

Organic Growth:

“What you need are people who are interested in what you do, who are willing to buy it, recommend it or at least learn more about what you can do for them, that's what organic growth refers to."

It refers to increasing the number of leads, positioning, and interactions on the content that is uploaded to an account in order to generate more sales, and greater reach.


“Tu tienda es un lugar en el que puedes vender y compartir la historia de tu marca, y donde las personas pueden explorar productos y colecciones.

It is a type of Instagram post used by companies and businesses to sell their products. The "Shop on Instagram" tab offers even more ways to get your brand noticed.

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