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By purchasing a Hello Esme product,  You agree to and are legally bound by the Product License Terms as set forth below.

All products and design assets sold on Hello Esme are Copyright © 2022 Hello Esme.

With your one-time purchase of Hello Esme graphic assets, you are licensed to use the digital products to:

- Personal use

– Commercial use (on your website, social media channels or that of a client)

– On up to 500 final products / final sales (see below for details)


An end product is a digital design or a physical item that you plan to sell to more than one person. The design must be significantly different from and not be sold in direct competition with the product purchased from Hello Esme.

A final product design takes time, effort and skill to produce. You cannot slightly change designs purchased from Blog Pixie for resale: you must be able to create a new design that incorporates a variety of design elements.

You must not resell, share (for example, as opt-ins or giveaways), or redistribute any of the digital assets purchased. When using digital products that you have purchased from Hello Esme in your design, your customers must not be able to extract those items for later use (for example, in templates).


On-demand applications
Any use that allows anyone other than Licensee to personalize a physical or digital end product is prohibited. You must not provide graphics in Hello Esme in editable templates: physical, digital, or within an app.

Resale or redistribution
You must not resell or redistribute (eg, share as gifts, opt-ins) any items purchased from Hello Esme.

predesigned web pages

A purchase of a Wix template allows you to use it for ONE Wix site in your own Wix account. You do not have permission to transfer / edit and transfer / edit and resell / or redistribute. The template is copyrighted by Hello Esme and you do not have permission to claim the design or structure as your own. You should not remove the Hello Esme footer site credit unless you have paid for it.


You can use the templates to create images for yourself or for ONE client (for example, if they are a social media manager or virtual assistant).

You must not share, resell, redistribute or give away any templates or graphic elements included in the product, they are for your use only.


Personalized advice can be recorded by the client but said recording may NOT be distributed to other people  as free or paid information.

The material delivered for consultancies such as guides and additional documents will be for personal use, and may not be copied in whole or in part.

If you have any other questions about my digital products, please send me a message, I will be happy to assist you.
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