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5 Basic Apps to Start Growing on Instagram

Today I'm going to share this list of basic tools to get started and grow on Instagram. Don't miss this important info!

First of all, I must tell you that if you are a #enterpreneur you want to promote yourself, make your brand known and sell on Instagram you NEED your Personal Account to become a Business Account. Read the post How to switch from Personal Account to Business Account on Instagram.

Surely you are asking yourself "but why should I make the change to a business account?"

It's very simple! Instagram provides business accounts with the use of additional apps or tools that will help your #smallbusiness perform better.


The 5 apps that I will share with you below can be downloaded from the Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS).

For Content Design & Planning


The much-talked about app is being used by many content creators. I'm sure you've heard of it and if not, I'll tell you!

It's a life-saving app! It has it all! Literal! You can design and plan your posts, stories, reels, and much more! While it's true, its free use gives you many options to create everything you need for your posts, but like any free subscription it has its limitations. I advise you that if you have the possibility of getting a PRO subscription, it is not a wasted expense, you will really be fascinated with everything you can access. You can use it from your computer or smartphone.

To Plan Your Content

Thank heavens! Now Facebook and Instagram are integrated, which benefits you a lot, since you can plan your content for a week, for a month or for as long as you want; You don't need to keep an eye on your smartphone to make your posts at specific times, it consumes your time and is not productive. And this is where I recommend...


It's a free Facebook app that allows you to schedule your posts to be posted on both accounts at the same time (Instagram and Facebook). Its use is simple, it's as if you created a post on one of your accounts: You upload the photo or video, put the caption, put the hashtags referring to your content and program it! It also has analytics so you can get all the data about the interaction of your followers and be able to create your marketing strategy. You can download it on Android and IOS.

To create Reels

Now the creation of reels has become a necessity within the world of instagramers, the trend of Instagram is to give priority to accounts that use reels within their content, so you can't be left behind! I recommend this app because I use it a lot...

3. VN (Video Editor)

This app is free and it's wonderful, the most viewed reels have used this app because it has a variety of video effects which makes your reel look professional and eye-catching. It's easy to use. You can create high-resolution videos, add music, stickers, text, animations and photos! Don't miss my tutorials on how to use it on my Instagram account, don't forget to follow me @helloesme_bm

To generate Hashtags

My first recommendation for getting hashtags aimed at your target group is to give accounts similar to yours a checkout. And you can start by using those hashtags that they use. My second recommendation is that you use this app...

4. Leetags

It is a free and paid version app. The free version works well for your start. This hashtag generator is easy to use. It allows you to save hashtags, select them as favorites, create your own hashtag lists according to the content. It has an extensive list of hashtags updated according to the contents.

5. Lightroom

This app allows you to optimize your photos in terms of quality and colors. It's great for adding filters to your photos. As part of your branding it is very helpful since the filters will give you a single line of color. This app is one of my favorites. It is a free and paid version app.

With this starter pack, for the management and design of your business account on Instagram, you will do super well. I advise you to save the tutorials that I will be uploading on my Instagram so that you can learn the tricks of each of these applications.

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